If you make an order mistake or they make a mistake, its really hard to get ahold of them. Buying from them can be a risk.

They have a telephone number and an email address listed ont heir site, but if you try to contact them, they never reply. Don't be fooled by the phrase, our email hours are 9AM-9PM (M-F). dkoldies.com just isn't that professional. Buyer Beware.

Apparently they used to have an active ebay store. They probably started their own site so that no one could give them negative feedback. Well, this is my negative feedback.

It could probably be a potentially good site if they just responded to their answering machine and emails and respected their customers more.

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I bought one item from their eBay store years ago. Some time ago, apparently when they founded their own site, they have started mailing me advertisements for their products to the e-mail that was used in the eBay transaction.

I never opted in for those as far as I know, and the unsubscribe mailbox has been full for weeks despite several tries. The company seems to engage in unsolicited e-mail marketing with no viable opt-out method.

-hHp FurryWolf


The site said that orders over $50 are free shipping. I ordered over $50 worth of stuff, and they didn't give me my free shipping like they said.

This site is horrible. I don't even know how they manage to get enough money to pay for adds in google.

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