Henryville, Pennsylvania

When I read this web site I was a little to scared to buy games for my Super Nintendo but I gave it a try anyway. I don't know what any of you people are complaining about I got everything on time everything was clean and worked they were very helpful they had no problem searching for a game that wasn't posted to the site yet and I was able to get it after it was tested and cleaned.

Dont listen to these people they are probably mad at everything in there life and need to mess it up for everyone else. I had no problem and I will be buying from them again.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #622358

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great comments here. I have to tell you I take all the complaints extremely personal and these nice comments feel good! DKOldies.com has been selling retro video games for over 10 years now. We have learned a lot in those years and our biggest mistake was growing too fast in the beginning. In the last few years we have come into our own not only with having the best games in all the time but offering what I feel is the best customer service of any company. It may not sound like it from these few reviews, but I'm here to say that we are here to be contacted with any issue you may have and stand by our products so that you can have fun playing your old video games.

-Drew Steimel




you are right! i bought my games before i read a review (they were NES games).

i bought six from them for about 56 USD. The games arrived kind of beat up, so i tested them in my Classic NES, and while the were a bit temperamental, that is to be expected with at least 20 year old games.

One barely worked at first, so i emailed them, and the next day they gave me tips on how to fix the problems. I think i will order from them again


I agree with you! Im from Brasil and ordered 10 games from them. It arrived perfectly conditioned, looking like brand new and working.

I strongly RECOMMEND to all buyers...

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